1. Community Organizing Program
CCFC organizes individual grassroots who have challenged problems to create community and build the collective voice. Its targeted groups are victims of economic land concession, mining concession, natural resource management (fishery, forestry), rural farmers, and people impacted by development projects.

2. Capacity Development Program
CCFC provides capacity building to members at local level. Its organizing and advocacy officers regularly go to fields to train and coach individual members and community management committees at the place. It trains members about basic community, organizing, freedom of association, land rights, fishery and forestry law, basic human rights, leadership, community management and advocacy.

3. Advocacy Program
Besides providing training and coaching, CCFC facilitates and supports communities to advocate to protect their rights and interests from local to national level. It also trains them to apply the knowledge obtained in a real situation. It also campaigns at national regional and international level concerning with national policies. Additionally, CCFC plays an important to provide legal consultation, facilitate to find lawyers for members, and assist in raising funds for support community’s initiative advocacy.