Coalition of Cambodian Farmer Community (CCFC) is a membership-based organization created on January 11th, 2011 by 12 communities (from Kandal, Svay Rieng and Preah Sihanouk) that work together to address land issues; natural resource and forced eviction resulting from development projects effecting on farmers’ lives. By seeing this, CCFC is governed by Executive Committee and advised by general council and advisory board. They are selected by member and authorize to makes decision. The executive committee gains support from general council, technical staffs, and all committees to ensure effective management and governance of the resources, staffs, and members. To date, CCFC has some principles and policies were approved: staff policy, by-law, financial policy, internal regulation, congress manual, administrative policy and asset management policy. It is in the process to design gender policy, membership fee manual, membership manual, anti-corruption manual, salary scale, and job analyze manual. These policies and manuals are designed by Executive Committee and approved by advisory board except financial and administrative policies were designed by experts. CCFC manages and uses fund carefully and ensures that all funds are effectively and efficiency used for benefits of members in compliance with the agreement and membership fee manual.  CCFC was officially recognized as a legal entity by the Ministry of Interior’s letter No. 1776 Sor Chor Nor dated 3rd September 2015

2- Vision
Willing to see farmers live with decent life, dignity and full freedom to constructively correct local governance

3- Goal
Promote livelihood and dignity of farmers and full participation in local development through organizing, empowering the community, advocacy, and strengthening institution capacity.

4- Mission

To achieve the Goal, CCFC has following key missions:

  • Organize communities, associations, networks, organizations and related institutions to have common voice and be influent to positive change
  • Raise awareness to promote full participation in democratically local development
  • Advocacy for right respect in particular farmer’s rights and full democracy

5- Values

  • Neutrality: No political trend and independence
  • Virtue: Respect value and provide equal opportunity between members staffs and committees in particular male and female
  • Capacity Development: Provide opportunity to members staffs and committees to develop capacity in accordance with their roles
  • Solidarity: Organizing, cooperate and collaborate in advocacy to make society change
  • Responsibility: Responsible for its operation